Do you have mobile eftpos?

Yes.  We accept all payment types including bank card, major credit cards, cash and direct debit transfer.

Do you use your own power and water?

Yes.  Our detailer’s vehicles are fully equipped with on-board power and water to detail your car at any location.

I scratched a panel on my car. Do you remove scratches?

Yes. 90% of all paintwork imperfections can be corrected/touched up. We offer both paint correction and paint touch up services. Deep scratches etch below the top coating of paint, often requiring a paint touch up or in extreme cases, a full panel respray. However, many newer types of cars have incredibly hard clear coats and can often be repaired using our paint correction process. To avoid unnecessary and expensive repairs, call Waves first and we’ll get one of our local DETAIL PROs to give you a free quote.

How soon can you come and detail my car?

Our detailers book their schedules in advance so the best thing to do is fill out our Book Online form or call us on 1300 630 323 as soon as you can so that we can prioritise your service.

Do you offer special deals on multiple cars?

Yes. We offer detailing deals on fleet and business cars.

Can you beat the dealership on price for my new car’s protection pack?

Absolutely.  This is where we specialise.  Full, new car protection packs start from $990.  Includes: Gtechniq paint protection, window tint, interior and fabric protection and a lifetime warranty.*

*To maintain lifetime warranty, reapplication of certain products is required.